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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

H P Lovecraft

The life of an English student is one of little trivialities.. we read books; we read books on the books we've read; and, then, we write essays.

However, one of the MA English students is studying a particular module which delves into the supernatural in literature (I know what I'm doing on my MA!!) and someone posted an article of the famous supernatural writer H P Lovecraft onto her Facebook wall with a picture of the author as part of the link.

What I saw surprised me:

Yes, the famous writer himself had an underbite (or at least it looks like it!).

Who knew?!

Just a fun fact for you all, you cannot say my blog posts are uninteresting and uninformative!!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

A full week as a braced individual...

Firstly, I must apologise for not posting when I was meant to; buying for uni and getting ready has been a stressful and busy time :P

So, I thought I'd begin this post with my 2 month braces (4 months QH) update, with pictures, and then move on, at some point, onto my new top braces with pictures and some concerns which I'm hoping you, my glorious jaw peoples, will be able to satisfy and put my mind at ease.

Anyway, let us now do our wee countdown..

QUAD HELIX- 4 months

And here we have it, the movement and straightening of that tooth to the left. I'm much happier about the amount of movement this time round, despite Fi's previous encouragement and am now just waiting for that other tooth. My ortho said that this movement was going to be slow and, as previously, only turned that wire around  that tooth by a 1/2 as opposed to being turned a whole rotation like all the other teeth.

Another picture of my top jaw just showing the extension of my QH- so fare it has increased my top jaw by 5.5mm, with my last appointment recording a total movement of 3mm. My ortho said she wasn't going to expand it any more which I can only take to be a good thing although, ideally, at my next meeting my top jaw will be at 60mm (currently 59mm) since I'm odd like that...

And now time for the best bit and the bit you've all been waiting for, my top braces:

So the first part of my braces I wanted to address was this little bit of added metal to try and bring down that tooth. Also, please note on my tongue the main source of pain for the last week, that ugly, disgusting ulcer. How I got it I do not know. I assume my tongue got caught in one of the parts of my QH and then the cut became an ulcer.
I digress, I'm hoping this tooth will have been pulled down by my birthday in April :)
My next picture (below) isn't very good but I was suprised when I was looking through my pictures to see that terrible staining on the back of my front teeth. I don't know if anything can be done to remove it and I know no one can see it (unless of course they stick a camera in my mouth, take a picture, print it etc etc etc) but it did suprise me. 
This picture also, I think, highlights how my front teeth have been pulled forward so win!

And this is how my mouth is currently. I know it looks terrible and I'm pretty sure my teeth have gotten worse the past week. I look at one of my 'before' photos and I can tell my front teeth have been pulled out excessively, by comparing the movement against the currently unbraced tooth, and I know that, over the course of the next two years, my teeth will straighten out perfectly :)


My front right tooth is exceedingly wobbly now. When I was younger I hit this tooth by accident, causing some of the chipping. I assume this was normal for most people to have teeth which, under the pressure of braces, become weaker/ the roots aren't as strong anymore? But any experiences shared would be welcome. 

My next appointment is on the 11th November. At this stage, I will almost be 1/4 through my pre-surgery process :)

Hope everyone else is doing well, especially Corrinne, and that they enjoy the cold weather as it comes through. 

I've got one more post planned before I leave if I can. This blog has become like my own interactive classroom, having to plan posts etc Again, my sad brain working overtime.

See you all soon,


Monday, 2 September 2013

59mm!! :D

Evening all,

Today I had an appointment, it went well enough :) My QH has caused my upper jaw to extend another 3mm, bringing our current space to 59mm and the overall movement being, so far, 5.5mm. My ortho said she wasn't going to extend my QH any more which is a good sign a guess.

I also got new colours for my bands this time. My theme for fresher's week is Hollywood and so, in my infinite creativity and cleverness, I am going as a red carpet... naturally, my bands had to be a dark red....

So the appointment was going well until it came to booking a new appointment... :(

The only date they had available was the 18th... the day I leave for a small break with my Aunt and Uncle in Jersey (favourite place). Consequently, we booked an appointment for the 4th of October, during my freshers week. We weren't happy but we came home and booked my national express journey of 20 hours which involved basically getting to Colchester and back from Durham in one day, not fun. We then check my emails which states I have to be at uni on the 4th...

So we called my ortho, got my appointment moved and cancelled my coach ride. The good news being that my new appointment, the one where I'm getting my top braces, is on WEDNESDAY!! I've chosen blue to be the band colour, blue is for boys after all.

I'm getting my top braces so soon now, all the waiting has been worth it. I seem to be forgetting the surgery at the moment...meh... it'll come soon enough :)

Goodluck to Corrinne who has her surgery THIS WEEK!!! I'm exceedingly jealous... -.-

Until next time! :-D


Monday, 19 August 2013

25 facts about me

Right, let us be honest, I copied this idea from Fiona  (her blog is a mixture of everything!) since I thought it was a good idea and, therefore, I though I'd do it.

1. I read lots.... 

2. My guilty pleasure film is 'Rock of Ages' (very good film..kind've)

3. I'm studying English and History at Durham Uni but I might go to single English (watch this space!)

4. My favourite series is LOTR/ Harry Potter/ Game of Thrones- they're all too good to choose

5. I don't drink

6. I work in a clothes shop although I don't follow the trends very well

7. I like wearing long cardigans since they've got a 'swish' feel to them

8. I love comic heroes, especially the X-men

9. I love the classics- history and literature

10. Reading plays is one of my favourite past-times 

11. I think I can do a good Scottish and Irish accents 

12. My accents are not as good as I think they are

13. I am an only child

14. Jersey is my favourite place

15. I want to go travelling when I'm older and visit, in particular, Japan, China, Italy and France

16. I own an X-box

17. I have a collection of LEGO Harry Potter sets which are my pride and joy

18. American history series are my favourite- namely Broadwalk Empire and The Borgias

19. I love the Pokemon games

20. The mixture of 1, 4, 8, 16, 19 all correctly demonstrates that I consider myself a nerd (the type without a 'Geek' t-shirt)

21. I have a strong and supportive group of friends who I trust most things with

22. I can't wait to move away for Uni

23. Although I'm doing English and History, the highest grade I got at A-level was in Psychology (A*) 

24. I'm single

25. I'm a great catch and, hopefully, 24 is liable to change (ladies? ;) )

There, I've put my soul into the internet...I feel weaker already.... Until the 2nd of September unless I see some more good ideas from other blogs!!  

Saturday, 10 August 2013

One month in braces

Good afternoon,

As the title says, I've survived one month, and here to many more! With the month in braces, I have also reached 3 months with my Quad, my next appointment is on the 2nd September so I shall report back the measurement then :)

Movement- below are two pictures which show me the day I got my braces and today; I personally cannot see much movement which is a shame. But I've got 2 years still to go, they have to move during that time surely?!
 This is a picture from the day I got my braces.

This a picture taken just now. I can't see barely any movement to be honest. 

In other news, whilst I was away in Scotland for a week away, I noticed the wire on my right side has come out of the bracket. I called my orthodontist and they said it was fine unless it causes me pain. It doesn't, so I'm to leave it until my next appointment.

Thursday is results day in sunny England and I will know what university I'm going to, excitingggg.

Until next time :)


P.s. Congrats to Johanna for surviving her surgery :D

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Suprise, youve got BRACES....

Well, today was an interesting day :P I went up to Colchester thinking I was in for an examination of my QH and for impressions to be taken for my bottom braces which I expected to be fitted on friday.

Naturally, therefore, you can imagine my shock, horror, slight panic and (possible) excitement when my Orthodontist asked me "Are you ready for your braces to be fitted?" (she is Irish if it helps for characterisation purposes; for added effect, swap "you" with "ye"). Of course, I could hardly leave so I sat and had them all fitted.

Photo 1- Please forgive my teeth and the carrot&coriander soup, it was lovely if you're wondering.

I am now, 12 hours on, already in slight discomfort. I can feel my poor cheeks being cut up and the highly probable mouth ulcers which will follow will be formed soon. Eating wise, I tried an ice cream cone earlier..big mistake! Everything is so delicate at the moment, I miss solid food although it is a good excuse to eat ice cream.


Question #1- how long did people seem to have to wait until they noticed significant movement?

As we can see by photo 2, I am eager to get those front teeth straightened asap! Again, lovely soup is being saved for left overs....

Question #2- what tools do people use to take photos so I can make my blog that little more...colourful?

One thing I would ask, if possible, for other bloggers to be promoting other individual's blogs on their own. As new people start blogs I thought it would be good for us to all promote each other so new bloggers can find active blogs?

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun worldwide and I shall report again probably in one week :)


Friday, 28 June 2013

1/4 of the way through quaddy

Hi everyone,

1 month, 2 weeks have passed since I got my QH (Quad Helix) fitted!

Not too many problems thus far; but my right cheek is finally being cut to shreds by the bracket. But, ultimately, it is a sign (I hope) the teeth are getting closer to the cheek- and therefore being pushed out?.

Is it odd to be happy about pain? My left cheek has seen enough already and I'm hoping there are no more problems until my next appointment.

I'm getting my lower braces fitted in 2 weeks (and the QH will be altered I am imagining) and THAT is when the real fun actually begins.....

Until then :)

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Underbites in the News

Thanks to Johanna for highlighting this article on Natasha's blog:

I'm always very interested when underbites/overbites are in the news: it highlights awareness and, with this may come more understanding... or it may not...

On this note, I'd like to add how interesting it is the number of people with overbites.... as a genetic 'default' (we're all perfect just vain, there is nothing wrong with us!) are overbites more common? I seem to either know or see many more people with overbites than underbites.

Anyone that knows, please comment.

As always, best wishes to everyone reading!


Friday, 17 May 2013

Quad Helix fitted....

Got my Quad Helix fitted today; it's awkward as hell.

In case you never had it, here is a picture:

I tried eating earlier with it and it just catches all form of food; speaking has also become an issue, although my inability to make any 's' sound is rather amusing. No doubt it'll get there however. I'm trying to think of new ways to eat, anyone who has had a quad helix, let me know how you ate...

 Pictures flanking this para are me... beautiful I know...

Next step, braces! But first, A level exams...

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The quest to be happy?

I was telling my friend about the written report. At the end, after explaining all the little details and changes I shall go through, she said it was sad that I had to go through all this work simply to be 'happy'. This got me thinking: is this all a desire to be happy?

I assume the majority of people who read these blogs are others who are going through orthodontics (possibly not even needing surgery, or indeed needing surgical work) and, from my personal experience, you read them to get that feeling there are others who have a fixable problem with their jawline.

I admit, I hate how I look and my biggest regret is not getting involved now as much as I could owing to the underbite.

Any of you fellow bloggers, views? Do we go through this process to simply be 'happy'?

On a happier note, I'm getting my quad helix fitted 17th May :-D


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Written report

Hey guys,

I got a written report with what they're planning on doing, and I've condensed it for your leisurely viewing. 

So, get ready, they're planning on:

1. Expanding my upper teeth using a Quad Helix over a 6 month period
     -During this time, a lower brace will be fitted to put my lower teeth forward, giving them more space and to, therefore, straighten. This pushing forward of the teeth will make the underbite more clear due to the lip being pushed forward.
2. Once the upper teeth have moved enough, a brace will be fitted to try and accommodate my canine which is raised.  
     -If the quad helix doesnt work, they will extract a tooth to make room.
3. All 4 of my wisdom teeth will be removed.

This will take 18-20 months prior to surgery.

4. The final correction will happen via surgery:
-The upper jaw will be moved up at the back and brought forward.
-The lower jaw will be moved back 1cm.

Time frames- 
No teeth removed- 24-26 months.
If teeth are removed- 28-30 months.

After braces a removed, a retainer is needed for 15months.

Sounds fun eyy?

I've got a meeting on tuesday and another in two weeks so, hopefully, I'll have more information then.

Hope you're all ok, and recovery for those that have just had their surgery is going well!