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Monday, 19 August 2013

25 facts about me

Right, let us be honest, I copied this idea from Fiona  (her blog is a mixture of everything!) since I thought it was a good idea and, therefore, I though I'd do it.

1. I read lots.... 

2. My guilty pleasure film is 'Rock of Ages' (very good film..kind've)

3. I'm studying English and History at Durham Uni but I might go to single English (watch this space!)

4. My favourite series is LOTR/ Harry Potter/ Game of Thrones- they're all too good to choose

5. I don't drink

6. I work in a clothes shop although I don't follow the trends very well

7. I like wearing long cardigans since they've got a 'swish' feel to them

8. I love comic heroes, especially the X-men

9. I love the classics- history and literature

10. Reading plays is one of my favourite past-times 

11. I think I can do a good Scottish and Irish accents 

12. My accents are not as good as I think they are

13. I am an only child

14. Jersey is my favourite place

15. I want to go travelling when I'm older and visit, in particular, Japan, China, Italy and France

16. I own an X-box

17. I have a collection of LEGO Harry Potter sets which are my pride and joy

18. American history series are my favourite- namely Broadwalk Empire and The Borgias

19. I love the Pokemon games

20. The mixture of 1, 4, 8, 16, 19 all correctly demonstrates that I consider myself a nerd (the type without a 'Geek' t-shirt)

21. I have a strong and supportive group of friends who I trust most things with

22. I can't wait to move away for Uni

23. Although I'm doing English and History, the highest grade I got at A-level was in Psychology (A*) 

24. I'm single

25. I'm a great catch and, hopefully, 24 is liable to change (ladies? ;) )

There, I've put my soul into the internet...I feel weaker already.... Until the 2nd of September unless I see some more good ideas from other blogs!!  

Saturday, 10 August 2013

One month in braces

Good afternoon,

As the title says, I've survived one month, and here to many more! With the month in braces, I have also reached 3 months with my Quad, my next appointment is on the 2nd September so I shall report back the measurement then :)

Movement- below are two pictures which show me the day I got my braces and today; I personally cannot see much movement which is a shame. But I've got 2 years still to go, they have to move during that time surely?!
 This is a picture from the day I got my braces.

This a picture taken just now. I can't see barely any movement to be honest. 

In other news, whilst I was away in Scotland for a week away, I noticed the wire on my right side has come out of the bracket. I called my orthodontist and they said it was fine unless it causes me pain. It doesn't, so I'm to leave it until my next appointment.

Thursday is results day in sunny England and I will know what university I'm going to, excitingggg.

Until next time :)


P.s. Congrats to Johanna for surviving her surgery :D