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Saturday, 10 August 2013

One month in braces

Good afternoon,

As the title says, I've survived one month, and here to many more! With the month in braces, I have also reached 3 months with my Quad, my next appointment is on the 2nd September so I shall report back the measurement then :)

Movement- below are two pictures which show me the day I got my braces and today; I personally cannot see much movement which is a shame. But I've got 2 years still to go, they have to move during that time surely?!
 This is a picture from the day I got my braces.

This a picture taken just now. I can't see barely any movement to be honest. 

In other news, whilst I was away in Scotland for a week away, I noticed the wire on my right side has come out of the bracket. I called my orthodontist and they said it was fine unless it causes me pain. It doesn't, so I'm to leave it until my next appointment.

Thursday is results day in sunny England and I will know what university I'm going to, excitingggg.

Until next time :)


P.s. Congrats to Johanna for surviving her surgery :D


  1. I can see some movement haha, might just be my odd eyes.
    They seem to have moved more than my did after the first month
    When are you scheduled to have your surgery, we seem to be at the same stage :)

    1. NO...if you see movement, movement has happened ;D

      My surgery will, hopefully, be over and done with this time in two years :) We can be surgery buddies ;D