Follow my journey to having the perfect blog if you want. It'll be fun... well optimism is always fun... it isn't really... but yes another underbite blog!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

An introduction post? But why? So far, we've heard NOTHING


I thought it'd be interesting to write a blog about my journey to fix my underbite (Class 3- a proper mucked up set of nashers). Reading everyone else's blog has helped me to write this; but alas, one thing actually differs between mines and theirs: they have something to post. Whether it be surgery recovery, a brace appointment or even starting the process, they've been able to blog something of a worthy note. And yet, I lack anything already mentioned.

So, 'why have you begun now' I hear you all ask? To be honest, I'm bored and on summer holiday and so I thought it to be something of a project... I hope...

I was put on the waiting list for my orthodontic treatment in February 2011 and when we wrote to the hospital in April 2012, I was sixth on the list. We then called around 4 weeks ago and apparently, I am almost at the top of the list.... But this wasn't good enough and so, on monday, I asked my dentist for a referral letter, impatience... pfft......

Right, one last point, I'm asking anyone whose had their braces and surgery done, how long was the process between having your braces and then the surgery? I'm looking to go to university next summer and I was wondering, is there actually any chance of me having the surgery next summer if I get the braces say in the next month??

Until next time, with some form of good news... Cheers

EDIT 10/07/2013- After spending so long looking through the blog, I realised I have no proper 'before' pics and I couldn't think of a better place to put them than here.... no pictures of the face until after the surgery, it'll be worth it... I promise...

With this picture, that is my jaw SHUT.. that gap is terrible but it will be fixed soon :)