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Monday, 2 September 2013

59mm!! :D

Evening all,

Today I had an appointment, it went well enough :) My QH has caused my upper jaw to extend another 3mm, bringing our current space to 59mm and the overall movement being, so far, 5.5mm. My ortho said she wasn't going to extend my QH any more which is a good sign a guess.

I also got new colours for my bands this time. My theme for fresher's week is Hollywood and so, in my infinite creativity and cleverness, I am going as a red carpet... naturally, my bands had to be a dark red....

So the appointment was going well until it came to booking a new appointment... :(

The only date they had available was the 18th... the day I leave for a small break with my Aunt and Uncle in Jersey (favourite place). Consequently, we booked an appointment for the 4th of October, during my freshers week. We weren't happy but we came home and booked my national express journey of 20 hours which involved basically getting to Colchester and back from Durham in one day, not fun. We then check my emails which states I have to be at uni on the 4th...

So we called my ortho, got my appointment moved and cancelled my coach ride. The good news being that my new appointment, the one where I'm getting my top braces, is on WEDNESDAY!! I've chosen blue to be the band colour, blue is for boys after all.

I'm getting my top braces so soon now, all the waiting has been worth it. I seem to be forgetting the surgery at the moment...meh... it'll come soon enough :)

Goodluck to Corrinne who has her surgery THIS WEEK!!! I'm exceedingly jealous... -.-

Until next time! :-D



  1. Thanks Anthony. I've waited so long for this day, but now I'm bricking it! It's strange to desperately want something, yet massively fear it, both at the same time.

    I remember my Freshers week (gosh, over TEN years ago now!) yikes. You'll have a blast :)

  2. Good luck Corrinne! :)

  3. I live near Sunderland but go to uni in Liverpool, the travelling is such a pain! Isn't it so annoying having to check term dates etc haha.
    Good luck getting your top brace on!

    1. Annoying isn't the word :3 My top braces are on but I've just been lazy to be honest, might try and get a post done today at some point.. :P

      Also, CONGRATS on the date!!! Another person who is having their surgery, makes me extra jealous :P