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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Written report

Hey guys,

I got a written report with what they're planning on doing, and I've condensed it for your leisurely viewing. 

So, get ready, they're planning on:

1. Expanding my upper teeth using a Quad Helix over a 6 month period
     -During this time, a lower brace will be fitted to put my lower teeth forward, giving them more space and to, therefore, straighten. This pushing forward of the teeth will make the underbite more clear due to the lip being pushed forward.
2. Once the upper teeth have moved enough, a brace will be fitted to try and accommodate my canine which is raised.  
     -If the quad helix doesnt work, they will extract a tooth to make room.
3. All 4 of my wisdom teeth will be removed.

This will take 18-20 months prior to surgery.

4. The final correction will happen via surgery:
-The upper jaw will be moved up at the back and brought forward.
-The lower jaw will be moved back 1cm.

Time frames- 
No teeth removed- 24-26 months.
If teeth are removed- 28-30 months.

After braces a removed, a retainer is needed for 15months.

Sounds fun eyy?

I've got a meeting on tuesday and another in two weeks so, hopefully, I'll have more information then.

Hope you're all ok, and recovery for those that have just had their surgery is going well!



  1. Don't let them remove any teeth other than wisdom teeth.
    If you need more room they have to make more room.
    They can do a palate expander using TADS at your age and it will work.
    Otherwise surgically assisted palate expansion. Think about it ...if they remove one tooth it will always be uneven and arch will be smaller. Not to mention uneven biting surfaces, decreased airway and flattening of cheeks and mid face area.

  2. Is a TADS the same as a Quad Helix? I've got the latter in now and that is to extend my top jaw. I am hoping that I don't need teeth removed, it would be a shame to go through all this to then, like you said, still have a problem. In referring to my cheeks, they're pretty flat already haha!!