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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Suprise, youve got BRACES....

Well, today was an interesting day :P I went up to Colchester thinking I was in for an examination of my QH and for impressions to be taken for my bottom braces which I expected to be fitted on friday.

Naturally, therefore, you can imagine my shock, horror, slight panic and (possible) excitement when my Orthodontist asked me "Are you ready for your braces to be fitted?" (she is Irish if it helps for characterisation purposes; for added effect, swap "you" with "ye"). Of course, I could hardly leave so I sat and had them all fitted.

Photo 1- Please forgive my teeth and the carrot&coriander soup, it was lovely if you're wondering.

I am now, 12 hours on, already in slight discomfort. I can feel my poor cheeks being cut up and the highly probable mouth ulcers which will follow will be formed soon. Eating wise, I tried an ice cream cone earlier..big mistake! Everything is so delicate at the moment, I miss solid food although it is a good excuse to eat ice cream.


Question #1- how long did people seem to have to wait until they noticed significant movement?

As we can see by photo 2, I am eager to get those front teeth straightened asap! Again, lovely soup is being saved for left overs....

Question #2- what tools do people use to take photos so I can make my blog that little more...colourful?

One thing I would ask, if possible, for other bloggers to be promoting other individual's blogs on their own. As new people start blogs I thought it would be good for us to all promote each other so new bloggers can find active blogs?

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun worldwide and I shall report again probably in one week :)


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  1. Hi Anthony - exciting times for you!! Hopefully your mouth will adjust to all this new metal shortly. From memory, I don't think it took very long at all to notice movement (a week?. Found a great app called "Everyday" (wish I had found it sooner)which could be helpful for you. Basically you take a pic at the same time everyday (it reminds you) and then at the end (or any time you choose) it will collage your pics into a video.
    Cheers, Ellie