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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Underbites in the News

Thanks to Johanna for highlighting this article on Natasha's blog:

I'm always very interested when underbites/overbites are in the news: it highlights awareness and, with this may come more understanding... or it may not...

On this note, I'd like to add how interesting it is the number of people with overbites.... as a genetic 'default' (we're all perfect just vain, there is nothing wrong with us!) are overbites more common? I seem to either know or see many more people with overbites than underbites.

Anyone that knows, please comment.

As always, best wishes to everyone reading!



  1. I think it says August not Australia... I'm in Aus and I haven't heard anything about that here! Thank goodness.

  2. Not sure. I've been noticing more jaw differences since I've undergone treatment. I had an overbite, overjet and a recessive chin. I think there are variations of underbite severity. I've known friends who have had slight underbites, but nothing to require surgery.