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Sunday, 15 September 2013

A full week as a braced individual...

Firstly, I must apologise for not posting when I was meant to; buying for uni and getting ready has been a stressful and busy time :P

So, I thought I'd begin this post with my 2 month braces (4 months QH) update, with pictures, and then move on, at some point, onto my new top braces with pictures and some concerns which I'm hoping you, my glorious jaw peoples, will be able to satisfy and put my mind at ease.

Anyway, let us now do our wee countdown..

QUAD HELIX- 4 months

And here we have it, the movement and straightening of that tooth to the left. I'm much happier about the amount of movement this time round, despite Fi's previous encouragement and am now just waiting for that other tooth. My ortho said that this movement was going to be slow and, as previously, only turned that wire around  that tooth by a 1/2 as opposed to being turned a whole rotation like all the other teeth.

Another picture of my top jaw just showing the extension of my QH- so fare it has increased my top jaw by 5.5mm, with my last appointment recording a total movement of 3mm. My ortho said she wasn't going to expand it any more which I can only take to be a good thing although, ideally, at my next meeting my top jaw will be at 60mm (currently 59mm) since I'm odd like that...

And now time for the best bit and the bit you've all been waiting for, my top braces:

So the first part of my braces I wanted to address was this little bit of added metal to try and bring down that tooth. Also, please note on my tongue the main source of pain for the last week, that ugly, disgusting ulcer. How I got it I do not know. I assume my tongue got caught in one of the parts of my QH and then the cut became an ulcer.
I digress, I'm hoping this tooth will have been pulled down by my birthday in April :)
My next picture (below) isn't very good but I was suprised when I was looking through my pictures to see that terrible staining on the back of my front teeth. I don't know if anything can be done to remove it and I know no one can see it (unless of course they stick a camera in my mouth, take a picture, print it etc etc etc) but it did suprise me. 
This picture also, I think, highlights how my front teeth have been pulled forward so win!

And this is how my mouth is currently. I know it looks terrible and I'm pretty sure my teeth have gotten worse the past week. I look at one of my 'before' photos and I can tell my front teeth have been pulled out excessively, by comparing the movement against the currently unbraced tooth, and I know that, over the course of the next two years, my teeth will straighten out perfectly :)


My front right tooth is exceedingly wobbly now. When I was younger I hit this tooth by accident, causing some of the chipping. I assume this was normal for most people to have teeth which, under the pressure of braces, become weaker/ the roots aren't as strong anymore? But any experiences shared would be welcome. 

My next appointment is on the 11th November. At this stage, I will almost be 1/4 through my pre-surgery process :)

Hope everyone else is doing well, especially Corrinne, and that they enjoy the cold weather as it comes through. 

I've got one more post planned before I leave if I can. This blog has become like my own interactive classroom, having to plan posts etc Again, my sad brain working overtime.

See you all soon,



  1. Hi Anthony :)
    I always find that the teeth become quite wobbly after they have been moved quite a bit. It should settle down within 2-3 months nil new bone forms around the roots. It used to creep me out loads seen my fragile teeth wobble, but they settled down fine.

    Don't worry about the slow progress - it's better to be done slowly to minimise root damage. If they move too quickly you could end up with short roots.

    You're bottom set look good (apart from that naughty tooth- we've all had a naughty tooth!) :)

    1. Ahh good :) I admit, after a quick google search, I was feeling a little better but I just wanted to check with all my jaw friends XL

      The naughty tooth is indeed naughty.... I hope it goes soon :)