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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wisdom Teeth Removal


I write to you today after my joint consultation earlier. The appointment had good news and bad. I want to begin with the bad.

Bad news, my surgeon is changing. My family and I liked him, but he is leaving, so sad times!

Good news, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on the 5th September!!! I was under the impression that I was getting them out at Christmas. Having it done sooner is, of course, a good thing!

At my appointment, I will meet my new surgeon.

So, basically, a good day.


  1. That's so exciting! Wisdom teeth removal is like a little warmup for jaw surgery :) and I feel ya on the surgeon thing, I had to change surgeons in the middle of the process too! Keep us updated!

    1. Hi Isabel! Thanks for reading :) I am excited, and I guess it is a little warmup :3 How did you find changing surgeon?

    2. Sorry I'm so late replying, but I just read your most recent post, and I'm so glad your wisdom teeth removal went fairly well! As for changing surgeons, for me it went fairly smoothly, but I wasn't too attached to my old one... The hardest part of switching was making the decision of which new surgeon to choose! I got it down to two, and couldn't decide for a long time, but finally ended up going with one that was going to be cheaper. Hope changing surgeons (and recovering from your wisdom teeth) goes well for you!