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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Wisdom Teeth are GONE

Good evening my lovely jaw people,

I do apologise for not having written this sooner, but I've been busy with recovery... Nothing to do with simply forgetting...


On Friday (5th Sept 2014) I checked into Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. Firstly, I must comment on how great all the staff there were. We checked in early, was seen within 15 minutes and went through and was given my own little area. There was a beautifully comfy chair.

Then one-by-one we met with different staff. First the anaesthetist, then a dentist, and then a senior member of the orthodontic staff, who would be performing the surgery. All were lovely, but my family and I was particularly impressed with the final member of staff, who we found out will also be working on my big surgery next summer.

Anyway, I went through, was chatting with the anaesthetist, and then fell asleep. When I awoke, it was over. Simple. I was disappointed, however, that I wasn't allowed to keep the teeth. See, dear readers, I had a plan for my teeth. Together, all four would have made a charming charm bracelet for my girlfriend. It would've also covered four events as a gift. Just think, Christmas, anniversary, birthday, another Christmas. All would've been covered. But no. The surgeon just laughed at me instead...

I went home, ate plenty of yoghurt and jelly and slept lots. Recovery over the past few days has just been slowly going on. I've had a constant pain on the lower right socket, but I've just gotten through. I'm now at the stage where I'm coming off my painkillers, which is a good sign!!

I have no pictures of swelling, mainly because there really wasn't actually. I was very lucky in this sense. The only problem I had was not being able to normal food. I love food. Have I ever told you that? Anyway, being on a partially liquid diet for three days was torture. But now I'm back to normal, and have been baking cakes and cooking all sorts of beautiful things (pancakes, bacon and maple syrup...yum...).

Otherwise, I'm just getting ready to back to University and have been reading a great range of literary works- from Victorian science novellas to post-war British literature, I love my degree!!

Next ortho appointment: 17th Sept 2014. I doubt anything will happen, but will provide a quick update :3

Hope everyone is doing well!!

So, to summarise, I'm four wisdom teeth lighter, but much the better man for it...

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