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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Katharine's 21st for M.E.

This isn't a post related to orthodontics/orthognathic surgery (etc), but I'd still really appreciate that you read this!

Katharine Cheston, one of my closest friends, maintains an amazing blog. Linked here.

Katharine suffers with M.E. Despite this, she is strong, intelligent, mature and beautiful. This year, for her 21st birthday, she is asking for donations to M.E. Research UK instead of gifts. I have linked her just giving page.

With the internet, you talk, laugh, cry with people who you don't even meet in real life. Small donations go a long way, and you'd be helping develop research in an area that affects so many people.

Someone reads this blog, the figures go up whenever there is a new post (albeit however rare those are) and I'd like to think we've formed a community. If even one person who reads this blog donates, I'll be eternally grateful!!

I've tried linking the video, but blogger is playing up. So, you've guessed it, another link.  

Have a read of Katharine's blog at the very least, just for me- you'll find it an amazing read I'm sure! Being an English student, Katharine is naturally gifted with an ability to write...a trait, I find, many English students have....

For those of you on Twitter, I'd recommend following her Twitter as well:

Thanks for reading, and for any donations that you make!! Remember, 12th August is my joint clinic, and that's when there will be the next orthodontic related blog post! Until then :)

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