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Thursday, 24 July 2014

A detailed, much needed blog post, I hear you all cry! Well...go on then...

Good afternoon, my loving jaw buddies!

Today, I had an appointment! Wow, I hear you all cry, isn't that normal? Have you not had any appointments since the last post?

Well, I have, but this post is going to be a detailed explanation of all that has gone before. My next appointment is a joint clinic (on the 12th of August, for those of you who care), which will hopefully provide more interesting information about getting my wisdom teeth out.

So what has happened in the previous months? WELL (!) my teeth have slowly been moving into the perfect alignment that I've always wanted. The tooth that was stuck up (in many ways, it seemed...) on my left hand side has since been pulled down, and I am now on a single wire on all my top teeth. This, complimented by the removal (hooray!) of the Quad Helix, means that my top jaw is slowly fitting into place.

On my bottom jawline, thing are moving slower, but still in the right direction. Today during my appointment my orthodontist repositioned my brackets, which will hopefully fully turn that final tooth around.

As the beginning of the post alluded too, I'm getting my wisdom teeth extracted during the Christmas holidays. For such, I've got the joint clinic next month to discuss everything with my surgeon and the head orthodontist. Details coming soon.

In terms of timings, at my last appointment the head orthodontist came in to see how I'm progressing. After a brief discussion with him, we asked the important question: when can I expect surgery? To this, he replied: next summer! This is means my timings are exactly going as I planned, and my final goal of graduating without braces is well in sight and possible.

I'm currently home for the summer after an amazing first term in Durham. Studying English means, luckily, that 'work' for me is reading. This can be done in the garden, in the car, in bed, in the shower (though the final is often less successful). This summer I intend to relax, and simply prepare myself for the second year of University. This time, it actually counts! I cannot believe how quickly my first year has gone, and with this first year at University comes the first year of being under Orthodontic treatment.

Isn't it cool how I connected the dots?

This sort've leads into the 'subplot' of this post- making it clear that it is always worth waiting, regardless of how long it feels like it is taking, because once you begin time flies so quickly! Whenever you speak to people about time, they always say 'Isn't it amazing how quickly this year has flown?' 'One minute it was January, now it's July!' Waiting for something always makes it seem like it is taking longer. For anyone who is getting fed up with waiting (which I definitely was!), just keep going, it'll only take a little longer.

On a less philosophical note to end, my orthodontist had to remove the two front brackets on my bottom teeth to replace them earlier. For a few moments, I was able to feel a de-braced mouth. Not going to lie, it was pretty good. An incentive to keep going, if you will.

Until next time, which will be in a few weeks, for those of you who are completely devoted to me, and who check 'blogger' daily to see if I've written a new post. To those people, I say thank you. To the rest of you,  I still say thank you for sticking with me and my blog, it'll get there eventually, as will I.

Ant :)

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